Monday, February 28, 2011

Mardis Gras Paper Mache Masks!

Purim and Mardis Gras are coming up! You could just buy some paper mache masks online or $2 to $20 a piece or you could get creative and make them at home!
What you need:
Newspaper or any recycled paper
Feathers, broken jewelry whatever you want...
Either ribbon or elastic...however you want to wear the mask.
Take one part flour and two parts water and mix well in a large bowl
Shred your cut up your newspaper
Blow up your balloon or take foil, fold it over so its double layer and fit it over your face. This is your mold.
Take each piece of newspaper and dip it into the mixture and wipe it so its not all drippy, then place each piece on your balloon or foil mold.
Let it dry, Use a bowl if you are having trouble keeping it stable.
Apply more newspaper if desire and if you have some paper towels, I like to do one layer of paper towels on top.
Let dry completely.
Draw some eyes on it.
Cut out the mask you want and the eyes.
Then you are ready to go to town and decorate.
You can take wooden shish kabob skewers and hot glue them to your mask or you can staple on or whole punch your mask and use ribbon, or elastic.

For mine I took some old material and cut it up. I broke some costume jewelry up and glued it all over the mask. If you don't have feathers, hopefully you have fake flowers, You can cut up the petals and glue them on!

Now I have some masks that no one else has!


Have fun!